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Explore yourself. Inspire others. Make a difference.

For many of us, there is nothing more rewarding than to challenge ourselves in a way that assists or inspires another. That is what Standing Cyclist is all about.

Iceland, 2008 - "Standing" Solo Tour

Standing Cyclist encourages athletes to join together for a cause that has touched their lives in some way. To raise awareness and funds for Spotlight Organizations and special events, in each of the following areas of focus.

You don't need to pedal, run or swim to join our community. You can show your support by:
LEARNING all you can about the issues and challenges.
PARTICIPATING in special events - direct participation or provide team support.
INSPIRING others to Stand Up, join together and make a difference.
DONATING time and/or funds to special causes close to your heart.
Sign Up - Submit your email address to join our community and for regular team updates

It's Time. Stand Up. Do Great Things. Thanks for your support.

Please Note: is not a registered non-profit organization and does not accept donations on behalf of any foundation, fund, or not-for-profit organization. Please direct all donations to your organization of choice.
In the event you wish to sponsor a Team Rider, special events, or trip activities, please see our Sponsors page for more info. Thank you.


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Corner Photo by Laura Wanderling