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Solo standing cyclist Frank Angelo Cavaluzzi has completed his standing (seat-less) tour around Lake Champlain rolling through NY, VT and Canada to benefit Stand Up To Cancer.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED - The solo tour was a great success!

WHY: This trip is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for Stand Up To Cancer. For more info and to donate directly to this organization, go to SU2C. It's not too late to contribute - donations can still be made!! Where does your SU2C donation go?

THE BIKE: Modified Salsa Fargo 29er - Standing Cycle
THE GEAR: Racks/Panniers, Tent, Emergency Sack (for sleeping), Rain Gear, First Aid, SPOT Satellite Messenger, Freeze Dried Food, Tools, Polar Heart Rate Monitor, Road Id Bracelet, Hammer Endurance/Nutrition Products, Breathe Right Nasal Strips
THE ROUTE: The Lake Champlain Bikeway. Starting point at Local Motion in Burlington, VT north into Canada, south into NY along the full length of the lake, north back up to Local Motion in Burlington. Total miles (getting lost included) was 402.23, resulting in a daily average of approx 50 miles fully-loaded, standing up.
CLICK here for photos and satellite view of route.
WHEN: The trip began Monday 9/14/09 and was completed 8 days later, with stops at local bike shops and non-profit organizations, and to chat about Stand Up To Cancer with cyclists and pedestrians along the route.
MEDIA LINKS: Many thanks to FOX 44 News and The Press Republican Newspaper, for their helpful and creative coverage of this unique fundraising event. Follow these links to check it out:
THE CYCLIST: For more info on Frank Angelo Cavaluzzi and past adventures, go to Cyclist Profiles. To contact Frank directly, email
SPECIAL THANKS: Thanks for coming by the site and thank you for your support and generous donations to Stand Up To Cancer. Many special thanks go out to all the individuals and businesses that I had met along my journey. Your kind words and willingness to share was inspiring, and made my adventure exciting and truly unforgetable.
I would particularly like to thank:
Kim for her never ending encouragement and valuable assistance getting this trip off the ground and running. Kevin and Marion over at Local Motion for their send off and welcome back. The Auberge Harris in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu for good maps and great chow. Ausable Point Campground for one of the most scenic sites I have ever experienced (I didn't want to leave). Benson Village and West Addison General Stores for a much needed smile and fat sandwiches. Courtney Davis from FOX 44 and Josh from the Press Republican for their patience with this dusty, shakey (and stinky) traveler. Steph over at the Westport Hotel for her hospitality and their terrific food (sorry about the foggy phone messages and the broken vase-I swear I didn't do it). Officer Dan down in Whitehall for his inspiring chat about Greenland cycling (and for quick directions thru town after a huge 'dacks day). All of you VT residents who were thoughtful enough to tie up your pups-many thanks my friends. Mary, my new friend and senior cyclist, who truly inspired me in the home stretch up into Burlington-I finished strong because of you. Champlain Inn for my base camp and for minding my car for a week. Lake Champlain Bikeways for a wealth of trip info. Lillie and her lactic acid solution. The car loads of people following along via satellite tracking, and their never ending words of encouragement. Keith the landscaper who I was destined to chat with while lost-a true guide. Susan for her optimistic smile and pleasant words on a mutally challenging autumn afternoon. Burlington and Plattsburgh for all your super-cool bike paths and fun stuff to do. Finally, that lady without a name who, just at the right time, helped remind me of the bigger purpose behind this adventure. You helped me never take myself too seriously. You know who you are. Peace all.

Stand Up To Cancer - Stand Up and Fight For A Cure



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Corner Photo by Laura Wanderling