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Rose Mercuro iStand For Rose

On October 23, 2011, Team
Standing Cyclist rider Frank Angelo Cavaluzzi completed an 89 mile seat-less bicycle ride, as a tribute to Rose, a very special nine year old girl challenged by an aggressive disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). Her song lyrics were the inspiration behind this solo 12-hour road cycling event.

Download Rose's Lyrics

This trip route was tracked live using a SPOT Satellite Messenger which automatically sent the rider's coordinates via satellite to GoogleMaps. We've recorded this journey as a SPOT Adventure, for future viewing. Photos taken along the route appear within the map, as well.

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Frank Cavaluzzi iStand For Rose

The Story Behind the Ride


Several months back, an associate of mine shared a special poem, with friends and family, written by his nine year old daughter. I was lucky enough to be on that list. They were actually lyrics to a song written with positive energy from a place of strength. An honest, vulnerable place deep inside where many of us do not dare to venture. We’re not all that brave…but Rose is. Rose is a medically challenged young lady with a wisdom beyond her years. Her creative energy flowed from the page and into everyone who had the pleasure of experiencing her words.

After I read those lyrics, I couldn’t shake them. I had been planning my annual Standing Cyclist seat-less bicycle adventure tour. I train all year, without a seat, to ride long days and log big miles standing up, to raise awareness for special causes. Lots of organizing, project management, and pain. Yes, plenty of pain, both mental and physical. There is usually a lot of publicity involved with these multi-day solo events. Interviews, blogging, etc. A certain amount of fanfare. This year, I just wasn’t feeling it. I looked into many good causes and formed excellent relationships for the future, but nothing felt right for this season. During this time, I couldn’t get that song and Rose’s health challenges out of my head. It inspired me to step up and go beyond my normal routine. To do something more personal this time around. Rose inspired me to do what I do…but better, so I decided to dedicate this ride to Rose.

A single day ride, in a standing (seat-less) position, from dawn to dark. A twelve hour day, capped off with one hour of night riding at the end. One flat tire, 8,000 calories and 89 miles later, I had beaten my personal best of 73 miles in one day, while standing up. Yes, this ride was different. No music, riding partners, reporters, checkpoints, mechanical support or fans along the way. I only told a few people what I was doing and why. Rose and her family didn't even know what I signed up for. This was perhaps the toughest event I've ever attempted, for that very reason. I was completely on my own. On the bike and in my head. Just me and those wise little words scribed by that wise young lady, but as it turned out, that's all I really needed.

I’ve often thought that being who you are and doing what you love, while serving and inspiring others is a big part of what Standing Cyclist is all about. That is what Rose did for me, this time around. Rose being Rose, inspired me to be a tougher athlete and I hope a better man, as well. Thank you Rose for being…you. I will stand for you anytime.

Peace Always,
Frank A Cavaluzzi

Donate to FSMA

Rose is challenged by Spinal Muscular Atrophy. SMA is a devastating genetic disease that destroys the nerves that control voluntary movement. Children born with SMA may never crawl, walk, or even lift their head. Families who live with SMA turn to Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy for information, guidance, encouragement and most importantly; HOPE.

Rose's family has created a Fundraiser Home Page in honor of Rose. Please click to donate directly to FSMA. All proceeds go to finding a treatment and cure for SMA, family support services, and improving care for all patients.

Side Note: Book Dedication

In January 2010, Author Allen St. John published his book, The Billion Dollar Game: Behind the Scenes of the Greatest Day in American Sport - Super Bowl Sunday. St. John, A New York Times Best Selling Author, was so impressed by Rose that he dedicated his book to her.

For more information on SMA and how you can help Rose and other children fight this battle, please visit:

Families of SMA                               Spinal Muscular Atrophy Foundation

To send well wishes to Rose or request additional iStand for Rose trip info, please email:

The following video is about SMA and another little lady, named Xamara.


Frank Cavaluzzi rode a custom configured 27-speed bicycle, in a standup cycling position. The frame was modified to prevent the possible use of a seat/seatpost in route. The drivetrain was a combination of road and mountain bike parts. The cockpit was extended upward for greater comfort and control, through the use of BMX racing bars/stem and a carbon fiber road fork with an uncut steer tube. The wheels were ultra thin and light to minimize rolling resistance. The pedals were large platform downhill racing models, with sharp studs to prevent slipping. Standard, rigid sole mountain bike shoes (minus the SPD cleats) transferred force from rider to machine.

The route was on-road and circled around Seneca Lake, one of New York's Finger Lakes located 4 1/2 hrs north of New York City. Basecamp the night before and after the ride was Robert Treman State Park just outside of Ithaca, NY. Recent flooding throughout the area destroyed the main access bridge to all campsites, which made for exciting drives through the creek, at all hours of the day and night.

Frank trains all year long and rides with a rescue inhaler and Polar Heart Rate Monitor, to help him manage his Allergic Asthma. He has been riding seat-less for 6 years and uses his respiratory challenges, along with this strenuous and unique style of riding, to focus public attention on worthwhile social and charitable initiatives.

iStand for Rose 2011 Ride Stats:

October 23, 2011
Started Ride at 7:30am
Total Time 11 hrs 45 mins (with food/bathroom breaks and bike repair time included)
Total Distance 89 miles
Max Speed 23.6 mph
Actual Time In Motion - Standing - Pedaling 8hrs 45mins
Average Heart Rate 140 BPM
Total Kcal Burned/Percent Fat 7,734/35
Ended Ride at 7:15pm
Average Outside Temperature 46 F
Average Wind Speed 11 MPH
Weather Partly Cloudy

CYCLIST PROFILE - Frank A Cavaluzzi


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