The 2012 Miles For Meso Run/Walk

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Each year in February, Team Standing Cyclist friend Larry Davis directs and participates in a very special event. The Miles for Meso Run/Walk in Boca Raton. This South Florida event is held each year to raise awareness and funds for mesothelioma cancer research and treatment.

Larry and his daughter Courtney have been special friends of and collaborators with StandingCyclist. In 2010, Larry was the inspiration and supporter of our "standing" bike adventure from Pittsburgh to DC, to raise awareness for the ban on asbestos and funding to cure Mesothelioma, the deadly disease resulting from asbestos exposure. A disease that Larry himself battles everyday. Please join us in congratulating Larry, Courtney and everyone else involved with this year's event.

Aside from being a mesothelioma survivor, Larry Davis is the Race Director for this South Florida Miles for Meso Run/Walk. Still challenged by complex surgeries and grueling treatments, Larry's passion for exercise, nutrition, and activism continues to fuel his survival.

Larry is an avid distance runner whose community efforts and tireless contribution to raising mesothelioma awareness, from South Florida to Washington DC, has led him to organize and direct this special annual event. An inspiration to many, he continues to fight this terrible disease for which there is little treatment and no known cure. Larry's main focus is on raising awareness and funds to ban asbestos (the man-made cause of this incureable disease) and to promote non-chemo treatments.

A word from Courtney: There is very little known about how to treat this cancer. What we do know about mesothelioma is that it results in death. I’m lucky because my dad has...outlived every doctors’ expectation. I’d like to bring that luck to others…if you’d be willing to donate, every little bit helps. Thank you. ~Courtney

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