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Two TEAM riders recently completed a 100+ mile ride in the Finger Lakes Region of upstate NY.
Team riders Ed and Kim successfully completed a 100 mile road ride (105.73 to be exact) around Seneca Lake, spreading news about and Stand Up To Cancer along the way. The ride was supported by Ed's daughter Sarah and "standing" cyclist Frank Cavaluzzi.
Sarah helped prepare each bike for the trip and used a SPOT Satellite Messenger, carried by the riders, and a laptop to follow their progress throughout the day. Nourishment, tools, and parts were available at predetermined checkpoints along the way, from within our SC team car. Click here to see the actual route and stats.
Days of rain leading up to the ride gave way to clear skies throughout this 12 hour (seated) cycling journey. Other than sore bottoms and an unexpected traffic challenge, all went as expected. The day was a terrific success and many thanks go out from to everyone involved. See you next year!

Stand Up To Cancer - Stand Up and Fight For A Cure



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Corner Photo by Laura Wanderling